+++ throttle unit - Messerschmitt Bf 109 K4 +++

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This very unique offer is about a complete newmade throttle unit for a famous Bf 109 K4. It is made by using original parts as example, high quality materials and original documents. The console is equiped with all levers and support elements. All is painted in its original coloring and at the frontplate there are the two metal tags mounted. The tags are also reconstructed by using originals. No plastics, only OEM materials like aluminium or steel. The backplate is made from 0,06 inch sheet metal. The levers are mounted with high quality grease on its shaft. Please look the pictures, original parts are not included.

Such a great Bf109K4 throttle unit was not made elsewhere after the end of war 1945. So now you can relive how it is to control a Bf109Ks engine into the cockpit. 

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